Export Filtered Results from Published Report?

I see how to export filtered results from the Desktop version of BI but I’m trying to share a filtered subset of data via a workspace and the end users need to be able to download the filtered data to populate purchase orders.
The export to analyze in excel seems to bring in all the data for a powerpivot table which sort of defeats the purpose as the end user would have to created the filtered data pivot table upon each download.

Thus far I haven’t found anything on the WWW that suggest there is a way to export the filtered data w/o a local install of PowerBI on the end users device but figured I’d ask this group.

Thanks in advance

  • gina

Hi @gkavesh

Check this link

Basic Option

Elegant Option

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Thanks -
Love the automated solution.

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It’s great to know that you are making progress with your query @gkavesh.

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