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Expanding my Power BI Team

I may be in the wrong category and if so I apologize.

We are looking at expanding our Power BI Development Team (Finally!!) and I have a question on access for the new person(s).

I developed everything I have and used the default My Workspace to store my reports, etc.

How would I go about granting the new Team member access to that workspace and reports or do I need to create something new and move everything?? What are the best practices here??

I would be most grateful for any advice.


Hi Guy,

Anything in My Workspace cannot be shared with another user to access online.
It’s like a personal sandbox just for you (a user).
By creating a New Workspace, you can share and collaborate together, more info: How content is organized in workspaces - Power BI | Microsoft Docs



Thanx for the quick response. This seems to be exactly what I need.


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Hi @GuyJohnson. AFAIK “My Workspace” is accessible only to the current users and cannot be shared. A new workspace must be created in order to permit multiple users (who need to individually [or have the Active Directory group(s) they are members of] to be granted access). I think you’ll need to create a new workspace and re-publish all your reports. Sorry, I know this was not the answer you wanted, and I’d be happy to be proved wrong by others.


Thanx, sometimes trying to understand the “how & whys” of Microsoft is darn near impossible.


This would be a good topic for the Guys in a Cube at Microsoft to cover.


I stand corrected they have done a video on this topic

(298) Overview of Power BI Workspaces - YouTube