Expand/collapse table values

I have created a table visual which shows data for
company, column_1, column_2
at the last row there is Total for Column_2

I see the total correct but the detailed rows when expanded do not add up to the total.
thank you

What is the nature of the columns? Are they additive?

When you say, “I see the total correct but the detailed rows when expanded do not add up to the total,” are you saying that the value in the total row is actually correct but the sum of the rows is incorrect?

Usually the “problem” with tables and matrices stems from how power bi handles total rows. It calculates the total row using the same logic as used for the other rows and not by summarizing the rows above it.

Can you share a table with the values you are seeing and the values you expect? sharing a pbix file would be even more helpful.

This is the setting of the matrix.
1- the first screen-shot shows the breakdown -
2- second screenshot shows the settings of the matrix
3- the final screenshot shows the total correctly but the breakdown does not look right.
a- I expect the three figures for the breakdown to appear above the -49,095.94
b- not sure why there are figures above the Total text, i.e. (-24,547.97 and -12,273.99)
hope it helps.




Are all the columns in the same table? If not, are the relationships specified correctly?

Is the [Npv] column in your visual the same as the [NPV] measure in the values?

Is [NPV] an explicit measure?

This would be far easier to diagnose if you shared a pbix file. It doesnt have to be your real data. create a mock-up with fake data and just enough to reproduce what you’re finding with your real data then share it.

The columns are all in a table.
There are no measures
I see why there are numbers above the Total text. They are the simplified breakdown whereas the numbers above the actual total figure are the sums.
The only question which remains is, is there a way to have the breakdowns all just above the total figure rather than above the total text?