Exclude Slicer from table visual

I’m currently taking the ‘Mastering DAX Calculations’ Course and was thinking that I was starting to understand. But I had to figure the fact that I’m not so close to understand than I thought.

Here the situation:

  • I have a date slicer
  • I have a channel slicer
  • I want to show in a table visual ALWAYS the ‘Sales per Channel’
    – NO slicer/filter etc. should influence that table visual.

So, I use this measure to calculate the ‘Sales per Channel’

Sales per Channel =
CALCULATE( [Total Sales]; ALL( Dates[Date] ); ALL( Customers[Customer Names] ) )

The Channel slicer is still influencing the table, which it should not.
When I add the Channel with the ALL function to CALCULATE I only get the Total Total Sales without differenciating the channels.

I don’t have a clue for this.
Can someone please help…

BR MartinAnmerkung 2020-03-29 212207

Rather than use DAX, can you just edit the interactions of your visuals so that your table is not filter by the slicer(s) you want it to ignore?

If I understand correctly, you could use DAX REMOVEFILTERS().


Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here.

When posting a question like this, you will always get the best response if you also post a copy of your PBIX file. Particularly for DAX-related questions, in order to provide a specific solution those responding to your post will usually also need to look your data model, since if that is not set up correctly even DAX that looks right may produce inaccurate/unexpected results.

  • Brian

Hello Brian,

sorry for not attaching the PBIX-file (I’m fully aware how necessary this is; but I forgot it…),
but here it is…2020-03-25-Mastering DAX Calculations.pbix (478.1 KB)

BR Martin

2020-03-25-Mastering DAX Calculations.pbix (467.9 KB)

Used Edit Interactions as per post above.

Thanks to DaveC and marcster_uk.

Your suggestion did the trick.
I never heard before of this Edit Interactions -> so much to learn…

BR Martin

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