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Excel .xls files not refreshing in the PBI Gateway

I have a .xls file that I successfully connected on Power BI Desktop which are located in an Egnyte folder through Egnyte Connector. But when I scheduled auto refresh, it gives me an error shown below during the scheduled refresh time:

I did install the Access Database Engine OLEDB provider on my local machine when I got the same error when working with Power BI Desktop and the error is handled. But this seems to be an issue with reading .xls from the cloud during refresh. Is there a solution for this?

Thank you for your inputs.

Hi @Vsb79 - I think you need to install the same on the machine/server where Gateway is installed as Service uses Gateway to access file instead of Local system.

Ankit J

Yes, Ankit. I had to do that to get it working. Thank you for the response.

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