Excel Workout 26 - Histogram Chart!

Welcome to Excel Workout #26!
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This week’s Challenge is designed to test your knowledge on Histogram Chart.

A histogram chart in Excel is a graphical representation of data that displays the distribution of a continuous variable. It is commonly used to analyze and visualize the frequency distribution of data points within specified ranges or bins.


  • Create a histogram illustrating the frequency distribution. Include data labels on the graph. Establish a bin width of 1000, where the initial bin encompasses salaries up to 3 500 and the final bin encompasses salaries exceeding 10 000.

Reply to this post with your formula code and solution file. Please be sure to blur or hide your formula code.

This workout will be released on Thursday June 22, 2023 , and the author’s solution will be posted on Thursday June 29, 2023.

Challenge 26.xlsx (8.4 MB)

Good luck,
Ilgar Zarbaliyev

Hi @IlgarZarbaliyev,

Here is my solution to this workout. This is something that I have never used.


File attached:


Excel Workout Challenge #26 Keith.xlsx (8.4 MB)


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Hello @IlgarZarbaliyev,
Here is my solution to the workout:


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Challenge 26.xlsx (8.4 MB)

Thank you.

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Challenge 26 Rosi.xlsx (8.4 MB)

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Thank you for participating in the Excel Challenge related to Histogram Chart!
I hope you found this challenge to be a fun and engaging way to improve your Excel skills and learn more about how to work with Histogram Chart! in Excel.

Here is my solution to Workout #26!

Challenge 26 with Solution.xlsx (8.4 MB)

Once again, thank you for participating in this Excel Challenge, and I look forward to seeing you in future challenges and learning opportunities!

Hello @IlgarZarbaliyev,

Thank you for providing the solution for the workout. I noticed however, that the dataset you provided for the workout is different from the dataset you used for your solution. The values of the Salary, € are different, so my chart is different from your chart solution.
Could you kindly confirm this?
Thank you.


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Thank you for your message, @ToyinTaiwo
You are right.
The key to solving this example was the path followed by the participants.
Everyone has followed the right path.
Thank you for that.

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Challenge 26 (3).xlsx (8.4 MB)

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@IlgarZarbaliyev - Please find my submission here.

To insert a histogram chart in your worksheet follow the below steps:

Select your data → Go to Insert tab → Insert Statistic Chart (icon look like histogram) → Histogram → your histogram chart is ready

But this chart doesn’t shows us the desired output that we want. To modify the chart please follow these steps:
right-click on the chart, select “Format Chart Area,” and a window pane will appear on the right side. From the dropdown menu labeled “Chart Options,” choose “Horizontal Axis.”

Under Axis Options (header) set.

  1. Bin Width : 1000
  2. Overflow bin : 10000
  3. Underflow bin : 3500

After some customization here’s my final histogram chart-

And here’s my excel workout file -
Challenge 26 - Histogram Charts.xlsx (8.4 MB)

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Thank you for your solution, @Caroline_001