Excel Workbooks - PowerBI.com

I created a .PBIX locally on my machine that points to 4 Excel spreadsheets in a folder on a sharepoint site. If I publish this .PBIX to PowerBI.com and refresh the dataset I get an error. Please see both screenshots.

I plan on just running the reports and dropping them in the folder and having them refresh every morning but it doesn’t seem like I can do that.

Any guidance will be very much appreciated. This is an “interim” solution into the API is fully functional from a vendor of ours.

Thanks Matt

Difficult to truly ascertain the issues on this one, but by going on the error it seems like a gateway issue. So the software that has been installed internally to build the connection between Power BI and your servers is not working properly.

Do you have an IT team that has set this all up? In my opinion they would be the first people to touch base with because it has to be an error with that I believe.

I would be interested if others in your organisation are experiencing the same issues. My inclination is they probably would.