Excel Password protected file

We are from an old era where confidentiality was the most important. There are password protected files where most of the files ( few thousands) are protected. The code is identical ( Say if the WO number is 1234, code will be .ABC ( 1=., 2=A,3=B 4=D and so on).

Now in a data analyses age, we need to analyse by customer attributes which is inside the protected excel file ( format is 90% identical but some people might have added or deleted some rows or column). How can we use query editor to take the attributes.

This capability, among few others, will help greatly in our managements decision to go with Power BI ( or some other tools ) they are considering.

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As far as I am aware, password protected Excel files are not supported as a PowerBI data source. You would need to un protect the files first. There is an Idea for this you can vote on.

Thanks for your input. Voted

As a workaround, you could consider removing the password and instead, moving the files to a secure folder that limits the people who have access.

Reference: power query accessing password protected workbook

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