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Excel and Power BI: connected features coming soon for users with Power BI free licenses

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Just read this and wanted to share that with you…

Power BI and Excel connected features such as PivotTables from Power BI datasets and Organization data types to Power BI free license users. This helps organizations who use Power BI Premium to easily distribute authoritative datasets broadly with their users via Excel.

Previously, accessing Power BI data directly from Excel (Desktop or Web) required a Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) license.

Now users who have a Power BI free license can connect from Excel to datasets hosted in a Power BI Premium workspace.

Read more in the articles linked below.


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This could be game-changing particularly, if it allows free users to connect to data in a Premium workspace that is created with a PPU license.

Will have to keep an eye on the news about this. Thanks @Melissa

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