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Is there a way to extract what happens in each import of the table and the source? I inherited a data model that imports over 20 tables from AWS and I think there is significant clean up that can happen.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Otherwise I will go table by table and simplify that model.

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Thanks Matt

Not quite sure what you mean. Once you connect in Power BI to a source, either a file or a folder or a database, the query editor shows the steps related to this. Here you can ETL.



I was just trying to see if there was a way to “export” that so I didn’t have to do table by table. I know that it will be a good exercise to understand what someone did. I was just trying to cut the corner a little bit.

Hi @mbraun,

You can extract the M code for the actions taken on each table. Go to Query Editor and in the left pane where the tables are listed, right-click on one and select Advanced Editor. This will bring up the M code for that table.

The M code can be modified in tools like Visual Studio, which I did to create my standard Dates dimension script.

There are tools like Power BI Documenter that can extract the whole stack of individual M code table source scripts.

John C. Pratt

Thanks John - I had a brain fart for a moment - I went table by table downloaded the M code and I got my answer. Thank you.

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