Error when using Measure as Variable

Hi all, This is the First time I am coming across this type of issue.,

I have a few measures, and they all work fine in the report as expected. However I am creating a Dax that refers to these existing measures as a variable. and that’s when I am getting this error.


Here is the measure that I am writing , just testing at the moment.

`DataLabel_Tasks CreatedBy = 
VAR  _tasksbyTC = [TasksCreatedByTC_CasesToAction]
VAR  _PercentTasksByTC = [%TasksByTC(cases to Action)]
VAR  _tasksbyWF = [TasksCreatedByWFteam_CasesToAction]
VAR _PercentTaskByWF = [%TasksByWF(cases to Action)]

The ones on the left and right, are directly getting populated by the measure

so for example [TasksCreatedByWFteam_CasesToAction] measure in above example is a simple calculation too :

TasksCreatedByWFteam_CasesToAction = 
        ,FILTER(ALL('Fact: Feedback Cases & Tasks'[Fact Tasks.TaskID],'Fact: Feedback Cases & Tasks'[CaseStatus])
        ,'Fact: Feedback Cases & Tasks'[Fact Tasks.TaskID]<>BLANK()     
            && NOT('Fact: Feedback Cases & Tasks'[CaseStatus] in{"Closed","WaitForCustomer"})
VAR _result = COALESCE(_calc,0)


Any ideas / thoughts on this error, to point me in correct direction ?


Dear @jsodhi

The provided error message is saying that “TasksCreatedByTC_CasesToAction” can not be determined, freely translated is 0 or blank.

How did you come to the value 0 in the left sided card, titled also “TasksCreatedByTC_CasesToAction” ? What did you do that the card did not show “blank” as outcome?

Could you try if the outcome in “DataLabel_Tasks” works if you add to the measure “TasksCreatedByTC_CasesToAction” + 1 -1 or + 0 ?

(Adding +0 in a measure is used to get the outcome 0 instead of “blank” in a card.)
I am guessing, hopes this helps you further.

Kind regards, Jan vd Wind