Error Messages - When Refreshing

My data model imports 2 Excel Spreadsheets and there are a small amount of measures. Never had an issue until the other day. Receiving the error message posited.


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Here are a couple of suggestions:

try to go into the data tab and refresh one table at at time. this will help you narrow down on the table that is causing the issue.


once you have the table defined check if you deleted or renamed any measure

if that also does not fix your problem create a new table, moving the measures to the new table and later remove the older table. rename the new table to reflect the older table name.

let me know if this fixes your issue.

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Hi @mbraun

Check below post. These have additional methods to identify and reasons that may be causing this problem.

Ankit J

@mbraun, I ran into the same issue on many of my models. In some cases my models would not even open let alone refresh. In all cases that I ran into this problem it was tied to the tables that I created to hold my various measure calculations. The work around that ended up working for me was to open up the Power Query Editor, find the applicable measure table, and then delete the last applied step which was a “Removed Column”. Once I did this and applied I was able to refresh without an issue.
Hope this helps in your case.

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Good day @mbraun,

This refresh error is due to your measure table, which is “Key Measures - Refunds” in your model.
Solution: Create a new measure table and move all your measures to the new one and later remove the old.

I really hope this works for you as it did for me :smiley: