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Error code 429 when sending alert from Power BI via Power Automate

I need to send an alert to a list of emails. I used Power Automate to trigger as below:

However, I got error: Flow run failed

Here is my title that set an alert:

Please advise me how to solve this issue?
Thank you very much.


In general Error 429 means you have exceeded the limit of triggers per period (probably 60 seconds according to ). You should find these parameters in Peek code tool.

My suggestion is to check how many alerts for the data tracked you had in Power BI service. Too low limit might be the answer.

You will need to look at the peeks and maximum number of runs within the period of time that a connector can time out. Then adjust the trigger’s timeout settings so that they do not time out.

Please open a support ticket with Microsoft so they can look into what else is throttling your request as they can give you specific insights into each flow run.

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