Enterprise DNA TV Resources


Hi Sam,

Is the Enterprise DNA TV Resources the same as the TV resources on You Tube. I while back you stated that with the membership we get the you tube TV training videos hence trying to work out if they are the same or different training videos.



This was update at the beginning of the year.

All the resources are now contained in ‘Mini Series’ modules.

See below blog post

If you want to search for any resources type the video name into the forum search bar and you will find everything is indexed.


Hi Sam!
Somehow I found no way to start a new topic, so I hope my feedback fits in here.
The resource for Employee Insights contains the Employee Data.pbix and not the pbix-File for the pictured (blueish) Employee Insights report…
Pls fix it.

I really do appreciate the services you offer and wish you a nice & successful 2019!

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Check out here for the employee insight showcase


Thank you very much!