Enterprise DNA On-Demand and Analyst Hub question

Hi all,
Sorry if this question has been asked before, however, with the new On-Demand package (to which I’m a subscriber), I’m trying to navigate to all the great content included…and there is a lot!

The Analyst Hub certainly looks very useful but, apart from requiring its own sign up (which I’ve done but it would be lovely to have everything integrated to include Support with one sign-in and password), I’m finding that certain areas are locked, i.e. the Community and Projects tabs.

As far as I can see, there’s no clear indication in the Pricing that moving to the Team option unlocks these. Can someone please clarify?


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Hi @akkypac ,

Your subscription has been verified. Please clear your cache, refresh your browser, and then log in to your account.

If you’ll still encounter an error, please send me a screenshot so we can investigate further.

All the best,