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Hi Brian:

For a while, I received email notifications to register for events such as last week’s Analytics Solutions presentation and the recent Accelerator review session.

Recently, I haven’t received any notifications.

Have I done something wrong, or am I mistaken that I should expect to receive these notices.


John Giles

Hello @JohnG! Upon checking, you did not register to the Power BI Accelerator Week #4 Solution Q&A Session.

We registered you so you can expect email notifications in the next few hours.

If not, kindly check your junk/spam folders as it may have filtered there.

Let us know if you’ll still encounter any issues. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for registering me.

I do not recall receiving the registration notice.

John Giles

Hello JohnG, upon checking our records, you are now registered in the Power BI Accelerator Week #4 Solution Q&A Session.

Someone will be in touch with you to verify this. :slight_smile: