Enterprise DNA Certification

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About to undertake the Enterprise DNA Certification, however unable to locate the specific resource pack for each module. Where do I get these. Do I just use the resource packs from Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX etc.

Apologies if I have overlooked something, or this has been covered before.



Here’s the top-level page:

Under each of the modules is a zip file with the resources you’ll need to complete that module.

I hope this is helpful.

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:grinning: I need a holiday…… Thank you!


Before you undertake the certification I hope you don’t mind if I offer the following food for thought…

The certification program is great. I’ve done it myself and learned a lot from it, and if the certificate itself is important for your professional progress then definitely go for it. However, from a sheer learning standpoint, I think the Data Challenges offer even more learning and growth opportunities than the certification modules.

Being able to replicate a moderately complex report is valuable, but developing your own report from a short brief and a detailed dataset to me is a much better test of real-world Power BI skills. In addition, you get feedback and interaction with the entire eDNA community, and amazingly Sam does a detailed write up/review of every entry received, highlighting positive aspects and making constructive suggestions for improvement. Plus from a development standpoint, you build a really impressive portfolio of your own work by participating in these challenges over time.

There’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t do both, but if your time is limited I think the Data Challenges provide the peak learning experience (@sam.mckay has spoken frequently about how much he has learned from participating). Plus, they are are a ton of fun and there’s a real sense of community and support among the participants.

  • Brian

Yes, I recently noticed a complete change over for Enterprise DNA certification pattern.

Really Appreciate @sam.mckay and team for their Certification pattern change.

Though I was half way in existing certification process, happy to start with the new challenges.

In particular I love - the certification requires the need for participation in forum groups and submit newest challenges available.

In addition, if we have small scenarios/tasks or Quiz at the end of every modules (Advanced DAX, Time Intelligence and such) to test our understandings may build more confidence.

Appreciate over all effort

Cheers, Vi



Thanks very much for the update. I knew @sam.mckay and the Enterprise DNA team were working on revising the requirements, but I didn’t realize the changes had already been implemented.

Good luck with certification, and I look forward to seeing your entries in the upcoming Challenges!

  • Brian

Yes flicked it over on a Friday, announcement happening early next week.

We’re making so many small improvement it’s hard to keep up with all the announcement blogs!


@sam.mckay, Clear explanation and challenging one to be certified.

While I completing courses, I wish to suggest a section with questions to test our skills learnt in the particular course.

Say, In Time intelligence course - we can have a scenarios as testing skills in the end ( Eg : suggest a DAX code to measure annual sales growth or difference between Date YTD, SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR) and such, tests the ability and increase the confidence of completing particular course.

cheers, Vi

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It’s really a great idea @vignesh

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For now you can make do with this:

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Do a quick search on YouTube for Power BI Quiz and you will find a number of them by some of the leading Power BI people out there.