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End of Fin Period and Start of Fin Period columns in Date table

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Hi ,

I am trying to create two columns " End of period " and " Start of Period" for every single date in my table ( for Financial year ). I primarily trying to use MAX ( date) and MIN (date) for them but it doesn’t make any sense :frowning:
Could you please advise on it how to get this result.
example below :

Many thanks,


Hi @Iwona,

With the date table you have in place, this is really easy, see image below:

  • Select the MonthID column
  • Group By
  • Start of Period, Min, Start of Week
  • End of Period Max, End of Week
  • Finally select “All Rows”, to bring back the data

I hope this is helpful


Thank you , I was trying to use “Group by” but not like that.
BIG THANK YOU :slight_smile: