Employee Attrition - type of data needed

Besides finding the Attrition rate, what are the types of data required in order to determine a way to help reduce the attrition rate?

I have columns like Age, Gender, Branch Office, Start Date, and Termination Date. I feel like there should be more data to do justice to find a way to reduce the attrition rate?

What are the typical variables required to find patterns and trends in attrition data?

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I’ve been doing a lot of HR analysis these days, and two additional factors I would look to are:

  1. Supervisor - Research repeatedly shows that bad managers have a disproportionate impact on attrition rate. Including this element in your dataset will allow you to break attrition rate down by manager and see if any obvious patterns emerge.

  2. Race/Ethnicity - research indicates that workforce diversity has a positive effect on retention (i.e., oversimplifying the findings, but people are more likely to stay if they work with others who “look like them”). If you have this data available, you can easily calculate indices of diversity (e.g., Simpson’s index) by appropriate work unit, and break attrition rate down by that.

Hope this is helpful.

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I added distance from home to work as a factor.
(your number 2 is a no go in the Netherlands, equality / privacy rules)