Dynamically Grouping and then Visualizing

I have a list of industries. I want to be able to select one industry from the slicer and create a donut chart that shows the one industry and dynamically groups the reminder. When I select a different industry the donut chart regroups the data? I include the base .PBIX that I am working on. Not a lot of data.


Maven Careers- Analysis.pbix (3.2 MB)

@mbraun - not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I put together two measures. One to calculated the average for the selected industry and then a second showing the average for all others. Now - the legend isn’t dynamic. But - one way you could address this is simply turn off the standard legend and create one using some additional DAX to display the selected one (or a custom title).

Added the file with my two added measures.

Maven Careers- Analysis (updated).pbix (180.4 KB)


Thanks so much - This works for what I need.

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