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Dynamically Change X-Axis (Yearly and Quarterly) within a Visual via Slicer

Hello Sam,
I have viewed your video of dynamically change information within a visual via slicer. And currently I have a requirement from client to dynamically show Clustered Bar Chart by Quarterly or Yearly within the visual by Slicer.


More information about fact table (“Cases” ) and “Dates” table. In the Bar Chart, I use the in-active relationship. and the Measure are recorded below:

Firm (Inquiries) = 
DISTINCTCOUNT('Cases'[Case Number]), USERELATIONSHIP('Cases'[Date Search Inquiry], Dates[Date]))

Sector (Inquiries) = 
    Calculate ([Firm (Inquiries)], All('Cases'[Firm Name]), USERELATIONSHIP(Dates[Date],'Cases'[Date Search Inquiry]))

Fiscal Year = IF(Dates[Month]>10, Dates[Year]+1, Dates[Year])


I would like to know how to create the slicer to dynamically change between Yearly and quarterly chart? Thank you.

Ok so the solution to this isn’t that easy.

A number of people are looking for this and asking for it, but at this time the solutions are only ok I would say.

This here is probably the best explanation I’ve found so far on it.

The reason I’m hesitant to totally promote it though is that it is overly complex in my view.

My thoughts around this are it’s might just be easier to adjust your visualization a bit instead of having to setup a lot of the complexity around this.

Up to you though.

This article explains it quite well.

I might look to work up an example soon to post at Enterprise DNA TV. Will likely follow this idea though

Thanks, Sam. Looking forward to new video. Alternatively, I use the Date Hierarchy drill down to visual the quarterly and yearly. Thank you.

I wonder if there is an easier solution now? I just ran into the same issue. In Tableau, it is so easy to use a parameter to dynamically change a calculated column which then placed on the X-axis.


This question came up from another member yesterday as well. Here’s a link to two videos that may provide a workable solution for you:

Dynamic X-axis on Time Intelligence Area Chart

I hope this is helpful. Please let us know how it goes, since others have the same question/requirement.

  • Brian