Dynamic vertical reference line in Line Chart


How to add dynamic vertical reference line in a Line Chart.
I want to mark previous day in a line with a blue line , also the data label should be blue for yesterday and today.

I have tried to do it with Line & Column Chart (pbix attached), but the width of the band is big.
This is what I want:

If this is difficult , how to change the data label colour only for yesterday and today (without line)

Dynamic Vertical Reference line in Line Chart.pbix (169.8 KB) (upload://aIeU51eN51rFCIPTOONxmFkZqnI.pbix) (169.8 KB) SAMPLE.xlsx (40.5 KB)

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I’m providing a link below where it shows how one can add a reference line.

Hoping you find this useful.

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The above video is over a long period, so the reference line appears as a “line”.
But if we do the same for short period,(say, X axis only has 7 Days ) , then the line will appear as “band” not line.
How to control the thickness of column ?

Hi @Anu

I would rather choose a line chart which helps you add the secondary axis and I would say this might solve your problem if your management agree to it.

For me it does solve my purpose as I can show my today value with a dot in the chart.

As per your above requirement as you’re displaying single day value so and your y-axis is in days so I think it would not be possible to display a line as per your expectation.


Hello @Anu,

Since the time frame selected by you is very short the width of the “Reference Line” can only be reduced upto a certain extent by selecting the option of “Inner Padding” under the X - axis.

I’m attaching the screen shot as well as the PBIX file of the working.

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Dynamic Vertical Reference line in Line Chart.pbix (179.6 KB)

Hi @Anu,

There may be an option to change the color of the data point for today and yesterday by using the following measure:

Last 2 days =
VAR Currentday =
VAR Yesterday =
CALCULATE ( Currentday; DATEADD ( ‘Date’[Date]; -1; DAY ) )
VAR Thisday =
TODAY () - 1
VAR Last2days =
IF (
DATE ( YEAR ( Currentday ); DAY ( Currentday ); 1 )
= DATE ( YEAR ( TODAY () ); DAY ( TODAY () ); 1 )
|| DATE ( YEAR ( Yesterday ); DAY ( Yesterday ); 1 )
= DATE ( YEAR ( Thisday ); DAY ( Thisday ); 1 );

The next thing you can do is use this measure in a rule for conditional formatting of the visual.

Then you end up with something like this:


I have added the pbix file
Hope it helps!


Dynamic Vertical Reference line in Line Chart.pbix (173.2 KB)

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