Dynamic vertical lines in a line chart graph while selecting multiple values in slicer

Hi everyone,

I have the following table :

I want to create a line chart using :

  • X axis : column “Milestone”

  • Y axis : Measure “Total Yes/No” (cumulative sum of column “Yes/No”)

  • Legend : column “SerialNumber”

  • Slicer : column “SerialNumber”

I want that my graph shows a vertical line for each milestone (M1, M2) for each SerialNumber.

I tried many solutions but nothing worked.

If I use the “X ais constant line” in the analytics pane, it works for one SerialNumber but if I select multiple values in the slicer (2 or more SerialNumbers), I don’t get the result that I want.

Here is what I have now :

And this is the expected result :

I hope there is a way to make it work as expected.

Thank you :slight_smile:
BI.pbix (500.2 KB)
dataset.xlsx (11.1 KB)