Dynamic Tittle not Showing on Power BI


I did create a dynamic title on my home page which just read " Welcome Austine …"
However, when i published to Power BI, i get a different result.

Any solution on how to sort this…

This is how it was before publishing


and after publishing

and the calculations i used

Greetings = SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE(“Welcome”," “),UPPER(RIGHT([User],LEN([User])-16))),”."," ")

And finally

Final Greetings = CONCATENATE(CONCATENATE([Greetings]," "),“To”)

The Rest are just static text box message

username() will return a user in the format of DOMAIN\User
and userprincipalname() will return a user in the format of user@domain.com.

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Here’s a possible reason, based on info in the Microsoft online DAX function documentation on SUBSTITUTE:

This DAX function may return different results when used in a model that is deployed and then queried in DirectQuery mode. For more information about semantic differences in DirectQuery mode, see https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=219171.

As a potential fix, try using the REPLACE function instead of SUBSTITUTE and see if that solves the problem.

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