Dynamic Text Box

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Is it possible to create a dynamic Text Box object in Power BI ? And just to clarify - I am not asking about well-known dynamic labels, dynamic text etc., but a Text Box that visualize only after a certain selection of other parameters (slicers) and respectively not visualize in the absence of such selection.


Plamen, the only solution I can think of is to write a measure, using “ISFILTERED” that returns your message if ANY filter is applied to the slicer, but returns nothing if no filters are applied.

EXAMPLE: Table is NAMES, Slicer is on Field FIRST

Text Measure = IF( ISFILTERED( NAMES[FIRST] ), “The table is filtered”, “”)

Then I put that into a Card Visual, turning off the category label. The Card is technically there, but if the slicer has no filters then nothing shows up.

Will this work?

Thanks for that suggestion. The end idea is to have a text box with narratives each month only for some of the slicer selection and none for another, so the Card will not work, but the workaround I am gonna to try is exactly with if(isfiltered…), returning blank if not selected. Thanks :slight_smile:

Or maybe with custom visual component

You could modify it to only return text when a particular slicer selection is shown, using SELECTEDVALUE

Text Measure = IF( SELECTEDVALUE( NAMES[FIRST]) = “Heather”, “Value is Heather”, “”)

Obviously, it would get more complex the more different values you want to show.

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