Dynamic Start Date (i.e., business day) based on End date excluding Weekends and Holidays

Hi Team,

I am currently looking for a solution to create the Start date column in ftData (Fact table) which should be a business day based on End date column excluding Weekends and Holidays.

The End Date column has the Date and Time within and the Start Date should always be defaulted to 4.30 PM along with the dynamic date.

I have attached the PBIX file which has a DimCalendar table, HolidayList and ftDate (Fact Table).

Also, for reference I have attached the Screenprint of the solution which am looking for.

Many Thanks. Please let me know, if incase this is not clear.


Dummy Data.xlsx (21.5 KB)
Dynamic Previous Business Day Date.pbix (119.8 KB)

Sorry. I found an error in my answer. Correcting

See if it helps
Reference: https://gorilla.bi/

Dynamic Previous Business Day Date (1).pbix (107.5 KB)