Dynamic Row Level Security with Hierarchy using Active Directory


I am really new to Active Directory and I am trying to currently set Row Level Security in Power BI using Active Directory. I have watched videos but I seem to still struggle a lot with finding groups for hierarchy. I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions on AD.

I had followed the tutorial that I will be linking below. However, I do not know how to establish a hierarchy from here. I guess what I am trying to say here is I do not know which columns to pull to create hierarchy calculations.

Hello @supergallagher25 !!

I think I found something similar to what you are trying to accomplish.

I saw this video yesterday, I hope it make help you with your inquiry, is called “How to Create Hierarchies in Power Query”.

Let me know if this helps you!


Yeriel Mangin


Thank you for that link, I did use it. I am trying to currently create organizational hierarchy levels. Like for example lets say a school district, all schools would have administration at the same levels, however, when I publish the report, the administrations would only be able to see the data for their schools. I have the groups (which would be schools, in this scenario, ready) however, I am having trouble trying to figure out the “manager/reports to” column here.

Hi @supergallagher25

What I’m thinking is that you can create Dynamic Parameters for each school administration.

I attached two link that I think would help you.

Let me know if this works for you.


Okay, so if I get this right, if I did it school wise supposedly then there are over 100 schools and as for administration wise, that too is over 6 different types.

You can check this link out hope it help https://forum.enterprisedna.co/search?q=row%20level%20security

Thank you

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