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Dynamic Row Level Security w/ Multiple Criteria

I used the following to add row level security, however I modified the RLS DAX to the below IF/THEN statement. Any idea on how to get this working? A loan may have a primary or secondary LO or both. I want user C to be able to see records where the primary LO = A or the secondary LO = B. The Users - Secondary (2) table is referencing the Users - Primary table as it’s source. I’ve included my data model below to help.

IF (
    MAXX (
        FILTER ( 'Users - Primary', 'Users - Primary'[User] = USERNAME () ),
        'Users - Primary'[Is Manager]
        = 0 &&
        FILTER ( 'Users - Secondary (2)', 'Users - Secondary (2)'[User] = USERNAME () ),
        'Users - Secondary (2)'[Is Manager]
        = 0	
    'Users - Primary'[User] = USERNAME () &&
	'Users - Secondary (2)'[User] = USERNAME ()
    1 = 1

Hi Nick, this certainly isn’t a specialty and have limited experience working with this one.

Can you let me know where you think this is falling over?

When you go through the steps in the blog post where are you finding your getting stuck?

Hi Sam,

I’ve been trying to schedule a call with Microsoft to resolve. I found a better example that would allow more flexibility in RLS. Upon inspection, it appears I’m getting inconsistent behavior depending on if I am using a work machine or my personal laptop, leading me to believe there is something bigger going on that is preventing RLS from working and not necessarily my DAX.

It is a very interesting use case, though. Here’s the newer example I’ve been using:

I would be interested in seeing if it works on your PC. To test it out, I tried View As… -> Other -> and then entered

I’ll come back to you one this one, likely next week. Interesting though. I’ve been seeing a few bugs around with some of the latest updates.

They are improving the RLS a lot some I’d imagine there would be a few issues here or there. Hopefully this can get resolved asap.

Hi Sam,

We figured out how to do this. I will follow up with more on our findings when I have a free moment.

Thank You,

Ok that’s great.

Something you can share in the forum?

I know this is an old topic, but I’d be very interested in the solution!