Dynamic report extremely slow - debug DAX request

Hello fellow Power BI-users,

I created a dynamic Customer Aging-report that returns correct results & the desired visuals, however it runs extremely slow.

From the Performance analyzer I can see that the issue resides in my DAX queries:

Could you please help with optimizing my DAX formulas ? Please focus on the bottom ‘Region A/R’-table, as that would be the formula logic I would like to stick to.

I added the pbix-file for your reference.

AR Report - slow DAX measure performance.pbix (2.0 MB)

Thank you very much for your help!

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The main problem you are running into is that you are using FILTER over the data_AR table, which looks like a fact table with high cardinality (unique values). When you use filter, filter iterates whatever table you tell it. So in your formulas you are telling filter to iterate over this table over and over and over… See if you can find a way to have the filters start off in the smaller dimension tables and you can “Send” it to the the fact table.

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Hello @Nick_M,

Thank you for the advice.

How would it be possible to start off from a dimension table, knowing that the key of the resulting calculation lies in the interactive ‘Days left’-measure?

In order for the resulting table to stay ‘interactive’ ( = reacting ‘live’ to changes in the Date-slicer) , it does need to iterate through every single line from the ‘data_AR’-table: comparing Selected date vs. Due date for each line-item & calculating the ‘Days Left’-measure.

How would it be possible to keep the table interactive, if we would, like you suggest, start ‘grouping’ values in a dimension table & stop iterating through every single line for the ‘Days left’-measure calculation?

Thank you for the constructive feedback!

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Hi @dillenbram

Its really interesting. The issue is clear here Measures using iterator function(Filter)

Matrix is taking more than 3 mins to load… definitely we’ve to improve the performance.

If we can create a calculated column for Days Left…Instead of Iterator we can use direct filter I think this is not possible, because this is depending on selected date from slicer.

We’ve to think different approach. Let us know if you got any idea.

Hello @Rajesh,

I tried thinking of some structure to enhance performance but I really don’t know, hence this Forum post.

Hope someone can find an efficient solution.

Kind regards,

There’s a lot going on in that file for sure. Is there a way you can simplify what is going on here. It will take some time to untangle all the measures, It looks like everything is based on the Days Left measure and then Invoice Values as the aggregated values?

One thing that stood out is that it looks like your Dim_Posting Dates table isn’t related to the data_AR table. Filters work best using relationships. Can that table be related?

You are correct that you really cant store anything as a calculated column if you want to keep it dynamic and based on the slicer.

I’m thinking using some sort of combination of GROUPBY and CALCULATETABLE or maybe even creating another copy of the data_AR table, but slimmed down. Just some potential ideas.

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