Dynamic Number Formatting April Update

Hi team, I have been trying to use the new dynamic formatting function released in the April updates. The function allows the user to dynamically format a measure.

I have used the following code to be able to display millions and thousands in a graph.

var _salestotal = [test]
var _result = SWITCH( TRUE(),
_salestotal <1000,“#0”,
_salestotal <1000000,“#,.k”,
_salestotal >=1000000,“#,.m”)

This is working when the data is represented in a table. When the visual is changed to a graph it isn’t working. Please see graphic below.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Hi @stevens

Did you down load the updated version?

Please remember the Dynamic number Formatting is in preview mode

Make sure you update the options Global “preview features” Dynamic format string for measures

Please see the following video
Show numbers in Thousands or Millions in same column with the new Dynamic formatting in Power BI - YouTube

PS…I don’t think that is option is available yet within a graph

i hope this helps.


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