Dynamic Matrix with Filters


I want to know if is it possible to have a dynamic matrix with a single filter.
I want to achieve few calculations like count of login, count of disbursed, the sum of login and disbursed cases and few more variables with a different context on the basis of (Location, Industry, Rate, Cibil, etc) in the matrix. I’m showing this to my stakeholders on 3 different pages. But I want to display this in a single page and want to have a dynamic filter around it.


If I understand your requirement correctly, then the MS Hiearchy Slicer custom visual may work for you here:

You’d have to implement your calculations referenced above as calculated columns rather than measures, but once you did that should be pretty straightforward to set up the hierarcy slicer.

Hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for your insight. Not sure I’ve understood your point, so I just wanted to clarify.
So, all the data that you see in the visual are measures. But the left-most part (Income_Type is Column and Tenor Bucket and Disb Bucket is calculated column. So should I convert all the measures into calculated columns and then try? Or you meant something else.
I just wanted to be sure about your idea.


Yes, unfortunately currently in Power BI you can only put a column, not a measure, into a slicer. So, any dimension you would want to include in the hierarchy slicer that’s currently a measure, you would need to convert into a calculated column.

However, before you go to the effort of creating a bunch of new calculated columns I would just take some sample demo data and play around with it in the hierarchy slicer to see if it will meet your requirements.

I’ll be eager to hear whether that visual meet your needs or not.

  • Brian

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