Dynamic Math calculation: Exponentiation


Hi Sam,
I am researching on how to create DAX formula to dynamically solve math exponentiation problems: calculate the n-th power of X.

I was thinking of creating two tables to represent a range of values for X and n, but how to use DAX to dynamically perform the calculation is still a myth to me.

Any thoughts?


Interesting one, and not something I’ve covered extensively.

Have you had a look at PERCENTILE.X?

Check out this video about finding the median, most statistical analysis calculations will revolve around a similar technique.

See what you think


Sam, thank you for replying, I went through the video but now I am confused regarding how to apply this knowledge to my question?

I meant to find a dynamic way using DAX so that I can flexibly find out the math calculation: X raised to the power of n.
For example 3 raised to the power of 5 would be 33333 = 243 (or 3^5 = 243). The idea is as long as I am feeding Power BI value of X and n, it can automatically calculate the answer…

Am I missing something?


Ok sorry, that’s quite different to what I was imagining.

What’s the issue just placing that logic into a measure?


Seems to work fine.

If this isn’t what you need then can you example on the scenario and add some images around what you’re looking at specifically and what you need.



Thank you Sam. I think I was over thinking it…This solves my problem!