Dynamic Formatting of Selected Measure


Hi Fellow Power BI Users -

I am trying to find a method to appropriately format my “selected measure” so it corresponds to currency if the Dollar Measure is selected and or a whole number when the Quantity measure is selected.
Do you have anything published or, can you point me in a direction?

Measure Selection(Qty or ) := IF ( ISCROSSFILTERED ( 'MeasureDim_Qty_vs_Dollar'[Measure] ), SWITCH ( TRUE (), VALUES ( 'MeasureDim_Qty_vs_Dollar'[Measure] ) = "Carton Qty", [TTLCartonQty], VALUES ( 'MeasureDim_Qty_vs_Dollar'[Measure] ) = "Carton ", [TTLCarton$],



Hi Mark,

Just a quick one and really simple fix - definitely try to work on formatting the formula a little bit more. It honestly will really help in the long run.

Check out this forum post on how to do this

Just need to use FORMAT in the right place.