Dynamic data source won't save in Power BI Service

Hi, I have the following query that won’t save in Power BI service because it references a dynamic data source. I know I can use parameters but that has its limitations.

In the attached image there is sample output of the Xml layout and I want to know is there a way to make this non dynamic.

Thanks in advance.

Source = Xml.Tables(Web.Contents(“https://api.us.newsweaver.com/v2/thisweekthermo/publication/1027803/issues”)),
Navigation = Source{0}[issue],
#“Filtered rows” = Table.SelectRows(Navigation, each [approval_status] = “APPROVED”),
#“Added Custom” = Table.AddColumn(#“Filtered rows”, “Expanded XML”, each Xml.Tables(Web.Contents([#“Attribute:uri”])))
#“Added Custom”