Duplicating "Add a row into table" Excel (online) - PowerAutomate flow

Hello Enterprise DNA forum,

I am developing a flow in PowerAutomate - the flow goes

Microsoft forms
to approval steps in teams
if approved
adds row to excel (online) for business worksheet for the team to action.

Within the form there is a quantity question (returns number). If the request is approved, I’m trying to work out how I can duplicate the same row based on the quantity value question in the form.

e.g. if the quantity 4 - the row would be in the spraedhseet 4 times

I can’t seem to work it out - I’ve tried “Do until” - but the number does match the quantity in the form.

Just wondering if anyone has created this flow previously - if yes can you send me the link to instructions on how to add this step to the YES action step (job request has been approved) .

Thank you in advance Enterprise DNA forum,

Hello Enterprise DNA forum,

Worked it out - added " Duplicate Rows in Power Query" function to carry out this task - here’s the link to the information


Nat :grinning:

Thank you - have a great day

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