Duplicate Values

I need help and advise with the following problem:
Column Income A Column Payment B Column Payment C Column Paymen D
100 20 60 20
When UnPivot columns
Column A Column BCD
100 20
100 60
100 20
Column A duplicates values and when calculating shows 300 Income and a correct result of payments
how can I fix this problem???
Thank you for your help


The key here is that you typically wouldn’t unpivot on income, but on something like client or employee as the row header, like this:




Now it’s easy to sum amounts by employee and/or transaction type.


If you don’t have an employee, client, or transaction column to serve as your row header, you can just add an index column as your first column in Power Query, and unpivot on that

I hope this is helpful.

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Great , thank you so much…
Yes the answer will help me absolutely, again thank and have a wonderful day!!!

One more quick question then you used sumx right?


No, just a simple measure of Total Amount = SUM( ‘Transactions’[Amount] ), letting the row and column context of the matrix do the proper filtering.

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