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Dear @BrianJ @Melissa ,

Does PQ (excel) would work on the dropbox platform?

I build automation in an excel file that is kept on local share drives, unfortunately, the file has to be uploaded to dropbox. The automation file is linked to other sources in the excel files (supporting lookup tables) stored on the drive.

Would it be possible to refresh the queries in PQ?

I could build all my supporting tables in the same file, the question is would it work if I press refresh on dropbox?

I still dont have access to the dropox platform, so I can’t check it yet.

Thank you,


My experience with using a similar situation with OneDrive is that as long as the Power Query file has access to the source material when you hit the refresh button, it should still work. If anyone tries to refresh the file (or you have it set to automatically refresh tables on open), and the source files are NOT accessible from that login, then you will have a mess on your hands.

I have not tried this with Dropbox, but as mentioned above I have used One Drive this way.

Also, please note that most of us on the forum are volunteers, here because we love what we are doing.
To specifically call out a single member for assistance (unless they have already been working with you on this specific issue), may limit the chance for help from other members on the forum - and we all appreciate the opportunity to grow our own knowledge by assisting others. :slight_smile:


oh Great!

Thanks, @Heather !

Onedrive is similar to Dropbox so it should work! Thank you very much!

I think I will recreate my support tables into one file as previously supporting tables were loaded from other excel files ( I want to minimize the potential risk of loading the data that could go wrong).

Once again Thank @Heather!

Thank you,


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I have a bare-bones free Dropbox account, and can confirm that as usual, @Heather is spot on. As long as the link sharing is set up properly, Power BI/Power Query appears to work seamlessly with Excel files loaded in my Dropbox folder.

– Brian