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Drop-down filters are not displaying correctly in some browsers

I’m experiencing something I’ve never seen before.

Some (not all) filters are not displaying correctly and it depends on the browser I’m using.

The filter for End Customer Group either doesn’t display the names in the drop-down, or shows them off to the side out of line with the filter itself.

Example 1:

This is the way you expect the End Customer Group filter to display with you expand the filter. This is using the Firefox browser. This one is correct.

This is how the filter shows the names when you expand this filter in Google Chrome. As you can see it’s off the page and the names get cut off.

Finally, in this example, it doesn’t show the names at all. This is using MS Edge. Note the drop-down arrow is pointing up implying that the filter names should be showing.

Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? I’ve been developing in Power BI for years and I’ve never seen this before.

another of the eDNA Experts mentioned this the other day - I am going to loop him in to see if he’s still experiencing issues.

calling @JarrettM - looks like Rose is also having issues with slicer behavior. Did you ever find a fix for your reports?

I would recommend checking different screen resolutions to see if that helps any.

Hi ,

Many power bi user started to facing this issue from last week i think it is a bug with power bi web as i check in the power forum many user reported the same issue

I suggest you to go to the form and upvote this issue so they fix that ASAP.


Thank you Anurag. I found the issue n their site. They’re working on this.