Drilling Down levels

Hi everyone

From the “Enter Data” icon is it possible to drill down levels into the manually entered datasheet?

Thanks in advance


@adam so enter data is simply a table entry. There are no levels as such just rows and columns that will accept data.

You need a hierarchy structure against your fact table. Perhaps screenshot your data table or provide more details about your fact table and the drill-down feature you want. Typically you see a hierarchy in a businesses chart of accounts for their accounting system.

Hi Garry,

Im a Quantity Surveyor in the Construction Industry.

I produce cost plans for clients that building commerical structures.

Basically the reason for wanting a drill-down type of structure to the data, is that I need to building up Materials, Labour and Plant Cost Rate, typical per SQM.

As you can imagine on a commercial building there are hundreds of materials all with rates attached them.

Therefore having a one table that can stores rates, Roofs, Bricks, Walls, etc would be the ideal outcome.

Plant Labour Materials Total Plant Labour Materials Total Plant Labour Materials Total

In an ideal world i would like to stay away for Excel, as I’m trying to get my colleague to see the potential of powerbi. But admittedly, no being able to type rate directly into powerbi in more structured manner is proving difficult.

Any advance / solution would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Adam

Hi @adam

Its a relatively complex set of requirements you need but I would start with looking at something like this.

Particularly the Bill of materials and exploded view of costs.

Perhaps do a mock data example which will provide a better explanation of your current data position and we can provide more help to you.

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