Drill through Based on a Measure (not filtering)

I have a dashboard with a matrix visual that is showing the sum of transactions over the last 7 days by transaction type:

Rows = ‘Transaction Types’[Trans Type]
Values = Calculate([Sum of Transactions], Filter(‘Calendar’, ‘Calendar’[Day Offset]>=-7, ‘Transaction Table’[Acct Nbr]="-8199")

I created a Details page for a Drill Through with a table showing the Transaction Table details for columns like Date, Trans Type, Detail, Amount.

I put ‘Transaction Table’[Date] and ‘Transaction Types’[Trans Type] in the Drill through fields at the bottom

The problem is when I drill through from the dashboard, it seems to filter on the [Trans Type] and [Acct Nbr], but shows all dates from the beginning of the year (not just the last 7 as filtered by the measure and shown in the original dashboard matrix).

Any suggestions on how to get the details drill through to show the detail that equals the sum on the dashboard?



After a good night sleep, I figured out what I was doing wrong.

On my drill through page I had put the [Amount] from the fact table. When I replaced it with the measure used in the main page of the dashboard it filtered down the way I wanted.