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Drill Down on cell of a matrix

Just want to know is it possible to make drill through for a cell in matrix visuallization


Due to data confidentiality i am not able to put whole matrix .

Just want to know is there any through which i can make drill on cell first and diffrent drill for other.

For example i have two drill down A and B and when i click on first cell it show both drill down option i want to show only A drill down on first cell and B drilldown on second cell.


In your question, I suppose A and B are columns of the matrix and you want a specific drill-down behaviour on each column? I do not think this is possible on this level. I also think it is not possible on a cell level (=more specific then column) either!

You can add a drill-down on a row level. Look into this by adding multiple rows to the matrix.

If you want extra drill-downs, I suggest to make another graph (e.g. bar chart) where you can drill down on this dimension. You could link the table to the graph (via interaction) to make sure you see the other fields in the table while you drill down on the graph.

Hi ,

Thanks for your reply .I just want to clear i have 2 drill down on matrix and when i click both drill down appear whether i click on A col value or B col value i want when i click on A colum in drill down option show only the drill down made for A.

Is that possible?

It takes a bit of a hack - you need to have different measures in the two columns, and point to those measures for your drill-through capability.



see attached, and look at the multiple measures table and the drill pages labeled with “2” for how it works :slight_smile:
Matrix Table Drillthrough.pbix (366.0 KB)


Hi ,
Thanks for your solution one more question is it possible to get diffrent drilldown option for export row and diffrent drill down for wholesale

I don’t believe this is possible @Anurag, as you can see from my first example, you need to call different measures to make this work, which is why I could do it with a column - each column had it’s own measure. Unfortunately, rows don’t work that way.


I also think the same just want to confirm from some one who knows Power bi more than me .
Thanks for helping me.

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