Download doesn't match video in Course


The .pbix download file in the Business Analytics Series > Find Your Top Customers Through Time Using RANKX in Power BI wDAX doesn’t match the video. Could you update the download to agree with the video or vice-versa? Also, when I try to make a copy of either of the matrices in the .pbix file the copy turns black and no data is displayed. Is this because it is an old .pbix and the matrix visual was in preview at the time?

Hi Joan,

I just download the resource to check and it.

Yes it’s slightly different. But I think it’s intentional due to the formula returning a similar result but slightly more optimal.

It has been updated.

Yes the black issue was a bug in Power BI sometime ago. It actually just changes the colours within the table. If you go to the formatting section you can change the table type or colours to see everything better.

Thanks. I am really enjoying the courses :sunglasses:.