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Does Ent DNA have a tool that helps to map out datasets, dataflows, etc?

Hello - Our organization wants us to map out (think a Vizio diagram) all of our datasets and dataflows. Sort of like the lineage diagram. Alternatively, some other form of mapping would work as well and ideally it would even get down to the columns on each table within in a dataflow/dataset. Radacad seems to have something like this, but I am curious if Enterprise DNA does? Also, ideally it is something that “reaches” into the Dataset or dataflow and extracts the data, not something that has to be manually built. I saw something in the Analyst Hub but it seems that you need to build it table by table.

Hi @richmont, we do have some planning tools within the Analyst Hub, unfortunately, it does not perform mapping out of all datasets and dataflows. This is something we might consider in the future.