Dividend Forecast based on the last dividend received

I have dividends received at different frequencies… month, quarter, 6 months, annual.
I have a NEXT DATE calculation is with the Dividend Date * the frequency (1,3,6 or 12). That’s fine.

I want to be able to filter a visual using the NEXT DATE (relative date “in this month”)
so that each month I will see the forecast dividends due based on the last dividend received for that stock (which could be last month, 3 ,6, or 12 months ago).

My table isn’t working. Some data is correct but when I filter on the NEXT DATE and sometimes get incorrect dividend showing.

I tried doing another measure, but this gives me MAX dividend received and I just want the last dividend I received.

I tried this but it’s wrong.

var divdate=VALUES(Dividends[Div Date])


CALCULATE(max(Dividends[Amount]),FILTER(divdate, Dividends[Div Date]=[MAX DIV DATE])


This has to be SIMPLE - any thoughts.

Here’s a sample file of the source data

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