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Dissecting a Formula

I am working my way through Sam’s Data Transformations & Modeling. During one of the videos on Supporting Tables Sam builds out this formula.

Sales by Frequency Group =
CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
FILTER( VALUES( Customers[Customer Names] ),
FILTER( ‘Purchase Frequency’,
[Total Transactions] > ‘Purchase Frequency’[Min] && [Total Transactions] < ‘Purchase Frequency’[Max] ))))

(Reference This table and other formulas)
Total Sales = SUM( Sales[Line Total] )
Total Transactions = COUNTROWS( Sales )

  • I understand (because it explains it) but what do you think the best approach to dissecting this formula if I inherit a PBIX from someone?

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Hell @mbraun

Thank you for posting your query in the forum…

Please find the below link of the similar query asked and this should help you understand the code better…

Dharmendar S


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