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I’m attempting to do something in Power BI Desktop that I’ve been able to do in SSRS but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I work in the Aviation industry and so, for a given flight, I would like to have a column in my report table for crew. This column, per flight, would display the pilot’s name and the co-pilot’s name below that.

Presently, I can do this:
FlightNumber PilotName CoPilotName
ABC123 John Doe Fred Smith

What I’d like to do:
FlightNumber CrewMembers
ABC123 John Doe
Fred Smith

I’m either missing something basic in using Power BI Desktop or, perhaps, I need to be using Power BI Report Builder in order to accomplish this…

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I’m sure that there are a number of different ways in Power Query/Power BI to do this, but here’s the approach I took:

This is the sample data I brought in from Excel:


  1. pulled this into Power Query, selected flight number and then “Unpivot Other Columns”
  2. renamed the second and third columns in the unpivoted data “Role” and “Name”
  3. created the following measure to concatenate the pilot and copilot for each flight with a hard return in between. UNICHAR(10) is the code for hard return.

Roster List =

        'Flight Roster',
        'Flight Roster'[Name],
        UNICHAR( 10 )
  1. created a table visual, and just dropped the Flight Number field and the measure created above into the table Values wells.

Here’s what it looks like all pulled together.


Hope this is helpful. Original Excel data and full solution file attached below.

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Pilot Copilot.xlsx (8.4 KB)
eDNA Forum - Pilot CoPilot List Solution.pbix (24.3 KB)

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Thanks for the response. I’ll give it a try to see if this works for me. I probably should have mentioned that we’re using SQL Server and trying to keep everything Direct Query for its refresh properties but I’ll play with this next week and see if it will do the trick. Thanks, also, for supplying the files.

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Hello @mschindelman,

Knowing that you’re getting data in Direct Query Mode from SQL made me think of another possible solution: you could build a View in SQL with all the data that you need and add there, as a separate column, the concatenation of the Picolt and CoPilot .

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Thank you !


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the explanation; I’m a bit new to this forum.

I have now had the chance to look at your proposed solution. While it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, your inclusion of the UNICHAR(10) of which I was not aware, proved to be the key to solving my issue.

What I ended up doing was creating a fairly simple DAX measure:
Crew = SELECTEDVALUE(Flight[Captain],"")& UNICHAR(10)& SELECTEDVALUE(Flight[FirstOfficer],"")

This allowed me to maintain the integrity of my report’s Direct Query mode and display the Crew members as desired.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction; now, how do I give you accept part of your solution…? :wink:


Glad that ultimately helped you get to the desired result.

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Not sure if this is resolved already, but have you tried to the Concatenate function?