Direct Query DAX question

I’m currently using direct query to bring my dataset in powerbi. I’m trying to create a measure in DAX such that the calculation is always done at a summarized view of the customer product level given a date context.

Here is an example. I have a sales table as noted below

If the user selects year 2020 and month 1, it computes the answer which is the sum of the (change in sales at a customer product level / Total prior year Sales). Hence regardless of any dimension attributes or selecting sales rep, this sum is always computed at the customer product level. In the case below the answer is -0.32203.


Can some help with this? See sample dataset attached. I believe the summarize dax function is not compatible with direct query. Hence looking for some other suggestion on measures.
PowerBI question.xlsx (12.0 KB)

I recommend adding a pbix file here with the whole scenario laid out. That’s likely going to assist those in the forum working on this problem.

Currently I’m trying to imagine everything that could be at play here but it isn’t that easy.


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