Dill Down not Clearing


I have 2 Power BI Pages - Page 1 has a Drillthrough to the Second Page.

I Drillthrough to Page 2 and Use the Drill Down to a Single Customer, I then CTRL and Click back to Page 1 and Drillthrough to another selection yet the Drilldown is still set to the Customer above. I would have expected to see all Customers.

What can I do to Clear the Drill down when I CTRL and Click back to Page 1 without having to clear it manually.



I’m struggling to think of a solution to this one.

Maybe can you record a simple video of exactly what’s happening. I think it’s because it quite hard to imagine everything. This is probably why I can’t think of anything.


Hi Chris,

Maybe Bookmarks can help you out, see this post for some more details.

Hi Chris,

unfortunately this is how drill-through pages work …
But think about for a moment what happens when you create a drill-through page:

  • you drag the dimensions for the drill-through and
  • PBI desktop automatically inserts an image for linking back to the page that originated the drill-through

so what will happen if you originally land on the drill-through page? What will the back button do ? it will
navigate to the previous report page you were seeing which may have nothing to do in terms of content with the drill-through page.

In my opinion, for better user experience, drill-through pages should be hidden. At least that is the way I have been using them so far.

Best regards


Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies.

George I Totally agree about the user experience. Do you have an example of how that method works.



Hi Chris,

I dont quite understand what you mean. All i am saying is that when i want to further analyze a dimension and there is “room” for valuable analysis, sometimes I choose to create a drill-through page which I make hidden …

I hope I have covered your question … if not please explain what you mean with the word "method’.

Best Regards

Hi Chris,

I think @Cavaliotis explains his way to apply the bookmarks that @Melissa had mentioned in one of the reactions. The drill-through function is based on different pages from a master-detail perspective. With bookmarks you can stay on the same page, but you switch to a master or detail view of the page that you have captured in bookmarks. In those views you can display different dimensions.