Detailed Waterfall Help

Hi all,
Can anyone point me in the direction of a really good/detailed waterfall chart help, because i’m really struggling at this point.

Issue 1
Anchoring Waterfall.
The below waterfalls show movement between 2018 & 2019 actuals across various product types and customer names. So far so good.

If i click on the green item on the Sales by Year and Item Type Number 1 i get a strange behaviour where the years have swapped over on the Sales by Year and Parent name as the year 2019 is now displayed first.

I’m confused by the result and I couldn’t possibly unleash this onto my users:

The sales schema is straight forward star; ignore the secondary relationships as they aren’t used in this one.

Anybody know why? I’m hoping this is a fairly simple error on my part.

Issue 2

I’m at a loss on how to use a waterfall for a standard business case, comparing say a current Budget (Plan) against a new Forecast for the same period.

To get the above to work i had to manually select both years but it was the same underlying measure [Sales].

How would you go about comparing multiple measures, for example [Sales] for a selected year vs [Budget] for selected year +1?
or Forecast No 1 vs Forecast No 2.

The waterfall is set up as

This has got me stumped. the advice i’ve got in the past on these forums has been great; so I’m really hoping that you all can come to the party on this one.

Ok, so after having a bit more of a play it seems that the highest numerical value of the [Sales] measure is shown first in the list. So if 2018 [Sales] was greater than 2019 [Sales] then 2018 is shown first.
Seriously not a fan of that behaviour; how can I ensure that the lowest numerical year (or some other measure that I define) is shown first?

I think some of the behavior on the waterfall charts can be a bit bizarre.

I presume you’ve tried all the variations you can get with the custom sorting?


Another thing to try would be to make the year text instead of a number. Then have another column in your date table that sorts it. Try this