Desktop - organizational account wont log in

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this but cant find a more suited one at the moment.
I am regularly getting an issue where in Transform Data I need to edit my credentials to connect to the data source. It says"you are’nt signed in." and there is a box to sign in. As soon as I click to sign in I get access denied.

Normally I upgrade to the latest version but I am already on December 2022. While it was annoying it is now getting to be a pain.

Any suggestions gratefully received. If it helps the data sources are all Power BI online so using the legacy connecter


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Hi @ells ,

while waiting for other members to jump in, I suggest using the forum search to discover if your query has been asked before by another member.


Hi @ells - Haven’t faced this issue. Can you confirm on the sources you are using.

Ankit J

The sources are dataflows.
I have found a fix - clearing the cache, but I am not sure this is the correct fix for the issue

Hi @ells - I couldn’t find anything related to this issue and never faced myself, so unable to help.

Ankit J